más es más totes

Whether you’re headed to the office, the beach, or a lady-like lunch, these-sturdy-yet-stylish bags will assure that you and your belongings arrive looking like the star that you are. The Classico and Moderno come in a variety of colors and sizes, and each “more is more” tote is finished with hand-braided handles. They also come with a little something to feel good about: The water-resistant bags are made from 100-percent recycled plastic that’s handwoven by Oaxacan craftsmen. If you are leaning into a more restrained “less is best” look, take a gander at our palm woven tote. Available in three sizes with leather handles, these work for any occasion and only get better and more supple with time.


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EL SHOPPO is the vision of Zoë Gowen, a woman who values a great sense of humor as much a unique sense of style. While she never planned to build an international fashion, accessory, and home décor business, it now seems inevitable. After almost a decade of knocking on doors, leaving notes in mailboxes, and barging in people’s homes on behalf of Southern Living, the former home-and-garden editrex was tired. Zoë desperately needed a relaxing vacation, and a new career that didn’t require her to come up with clever musings about sofas or sourcing Christmas trees in July. A magical trip to Mexico proved to be the solution.

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A much-needed vacation to Mexico led to many happy returns, as well as a career pivot. Zoë’s passion for the one-of-a-kind colorful finds in Oaxaca—and collaboration with the people who make them—inspired her to launch EL SHOPPO, a very intentional, US-based tienda offering custom dresses, totes, candles, and more.